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October 26, 2015                                                                                                   

CONTACT: Caitlin La Ruffa
Love and Fidelity Network

PRINCETON, NJ — At a time when most Americans will be wringing their hands over the upcoming election, nearly 300 young men and women will gather in Princeton to reenergize a grassroots movement to change campus culture.

The annual conference of the Love and Fidelity Network will draw nearly 300 students and alumni from fifty-four universities to learn from leading scholars about the importance of strong marriages and sexual integrity to a flourishing society. The event will be held on the campus of Princeton University on Oct. 28-29.

Sexuality, Integrity, and the University, now in its ninth year, will equip the attendees with the knowledge and arguments they need to be effective witnesses to an authentic understanding of love and fidelity on their campuses.

“It’s not news to say that our culture has lost sight of the true meaning and purpose of sexuality and marriage,” said Caitlin La Ruffa, executive director of the Love and Fidelity Network, “but the upcoming presidential election presents that fact in stark relief.”

“The students who will join us see first-hand the destruction wrought by the sexual revolution on their campuses and in society at large. Their grassroots effort to change the hearts and minds of their peers is exactly what our ailing culture needs. The upcoming conference is designed to empower them in those efforts,” La Ruffa added.

The conference will address topics from several contemporary conversations on sexuality and marriage: a keynote reflection on the tension between pursuit of marriage and career as one’s true vocation by Dr. Anthony Esolen of Providence College, an articulation of the equality between the sexes rooted in sexual complimentary by author Erika Bachiochi, an expose on the relationship between campus hookup culture and the current sexual assault crisis by Dr. Donna Freitas, and a conversation on the realities of gender reassignment therapy with Walt Heyer and Dr. Ana Samuel of the Witherspoon Institute.

Other presenters include Dr. Robert P. George of Princeton University, Dr. Joseph Price from Brigham Young University, Dr. David Upham from the University of Dallas, and the Ecce! Films team, best known for their work on the stunning Humanum film series.

“The conference always inspires these courageous young men and women to take action, reinvigorating them to bring the message of love and fidelity back to their campuses in a very real way,” La Ruffa noted. “We can’t wait to see what they’ll do after they get back to campus.”

Established in Princeton, New Jersey in 2007 in response to the inadequate treatment of marriage, family, and sexuality at many colleges and universities, the Love and Fidelity Network is the leading national program that promotes marriage and the integrity of sex at the collegiate level.. It equips college students with the resources, arguments, and support they need to uphold the institution of marriage, the special role of the family in society, and the integrity of human sexuality within their university communities and as leaders in the public square. It provides leadership coaching to these university men and women and offers funding for campus initiatives.


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